Airbus Plane Manufacturers Considers Flying Cars As Significant Competition

Plane manufacturer Airbus has left no stone unturned to bring to reality the very idea of flying cars. According to an article published by the Airbus Group’s corporate magazine, the time is not far when we will see the Idea of Flying cars taking shape as an enthusing reality. The Plane manufacturing Company Airbus has worked very hard on its latest project which has been codenamed as “Vahana”. The Flying car, Vahana will soon be out and will be a huge treat for the fans of this concept of Flying. This grand project is being carried on in Silicon valley, California and the team handling the project is “Innovation group A3”. The design and figure of this flying vehicle is quite similar to that of a small Drone, yet its functioning will be very different, this CityAirbus as termed by the Company only will be instilled with “multiple propellers” to make its functionality efficient.

AirBus Flying Taxi Concept

The most amazing and surprising fact about this Flying design is that it would not cost you more than a Standard Land based Taxi. But talking about its Flying levels that of course will not be very high, in the city it will be flying at lower levels to reach its destination. The Firm is aimed to make this dream of Flying over the traffic with just one push of a button come true. The passengers, the daily commuters, the travelers, what they all wish..? Just to reach easily to their destination and escape the heavy Traffic in between. With this concept of Flying Car taking shape, this dream will soon be transformed into reality. Airbus is using its all life experience and expertise to turn this goal into an achievement. The name of this Dream project – VAHANA has been derived from a Sanskrit word meaning the “one which carries”.

The Company is expected to test its first drive by the end of 2017. The important details and information about Flying Airbus has been kept secret and not much is known about it yet, but the Company assures about its Price and working that it will be quite feasible. While the competitors like Blagnac-based aeroplane manufacturer do not agree on the fact and believes that this Flying technology is not attainable yet.

Project head Rodin Lyasoff said: “Many of the technologies needed, such as batteries, motors and avionics are most of the way there. “We believe that global demand for this category of aircraft can support fleets of millions of vehicles worldwide.”

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