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Zee Aero Working On Flying Car

Zee Aero Working On Flying Car

Zee Aero located in Googleplex in California has been working on a unique concept of a flying vehicle capable of vertical take off and landing. As Google is working in…

Flying car price

Flying Car Terrafugia 2017 Price, Launch And Feature Details

Terrafugia is set to launch its street legal aircraft Transition between the years 2015 and 2017.  The estimated purchase price was announced to be US$ 194000. This price was updated…

hover car concept

Volkswagen Flying Cars Concept: Hover Car

‘Hover car‘ is one of the three ‘People’s Car‘ projects that had been taken up by Volkswagen. The other two being ‘Music car’ and ‘Smart key’.The company tried to woo…

Aeromobil- The Flying Car

Aeromobil To Launch Flying Car In 2017

Many of us have dreamt of riding in flying cars but making it real is creating a plethora of experiences and there continues to be an element of suspense in…