Flying Car FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Below are some frequently asked question about Flying Car:

What is a Flying Car?

A flying car a personal air vehicle that is hypothetically capable of flying door-to-door. It can also be a roadable aircraft that can be legally flown on streets and can also land and take-off like an aircaft. The flying car has been more-or-less a  science fiction and a dream concept of future.  The real flying car would be  viable  in urban environments with the ability to fly without making high-noise levels and  shrouded rotors  for safety while also being equipped with highly powerful engines that could help in becoming airborne.

Are flying Cars real?

The flying car has remained like a concept of future and these vehicles featured only in fiction movies. It is dream of mankind that remains to be realised. As of today , many flying cars have actually come up. AeroMobil  is the most advanced model of the flying car that is present now. The vehicle perfectlly combineed the features of an airplane and a car. It ca fit in a standard parking space and has been on a regular flight-testing  program since 2014. Moller Skycar which has been described by the makers as the only feasible and affordable flying car is also one of the flying car aspirants. Bsides Terrafugia TF-X is also expected to come up as fully-autonomous and rechargeable engine which is expected to enter the commercial scene any time between  2021and 2025.

How Much Does Flying Car Cost?

Though on the verge of manifestation, the flying car is going to come on the commercial scene with whopping prices which could be afforded by the rich. Besides due to flight component involved, the owner also needs to clear certifications for pilot and also brief training sessions.The Terrafugia Transition which has build-up price of  $279,000 has already received 100 pre-orders. An upgraded price can come up now as the commercial launch happens.  The fully-automated version Terrafugia-TF-X would be available for $4000,000 after its launch after a decade.Though Aeromobil has not officiallly announced its launch price, CEO Jurag Vaculik remarked that it could cost  a few hundreds of thousands dollars.

When is Flying Car Coming Out?

Flying cars are expected to come out by 2017. AeroMobile CEO had announced  that they would be  launching AeroMobil 3.0 in 2017.  The fully automated version of the prototype is being planned to be developed in coming future as per the plans of The Slovakian Company. Terrafugia had announced  probable launch of Transition by 2017. But The Company is very serious on developing its next generation more self-automated version of Terrafugia TF-X in the next 10 years.

Who Invented First Flying Car?

The world’s first aerocar was designed by Moulton Taylor in 1949 and was not only able to fly but also roadable. The bidding campaign  for 21 ft  two-seater aircraft reached a price of $ 1,000,000. Taylor campaigned fo rteh car for 25 years but could not get a real deal for his venture. The oil-crisis in the 1970s and unwillingness of investors to fund the development and commercialisation of the model waned the interest of maker.  But the car had evoked popularity in many newspapers, magazines  and TV shows around the world. The car with single Lycoming 0-320 engine with adequate propeller giving it a cruise speed of 100mph. Initially the car was sold at a price of $ 25,000. He developed  are production model in 1954.

Are Flying Car Available for sale?

Yes, flying cars will be available for sale now very soon. Terrafugia Transition but the upgraded pilotless on sale in 2017 while the pilotless version and will be launched in 2025. Pre-orders are being accepted for Transition model and the product had received 100 pre-orders in 2011 itself.  AeroMobile 3.0 would also be launched in 2017 and the upgraded automated version would be available in another 5-6 years down the line. If you are interested in buying a parachute-powered model of car, then Skyrunner is available to you at a booking price of $5000 and overall cost of $ 119,000. Moller Sky-car are also accepting orders on their product and can be launched anytime now after getting due clearance from federal aviation.

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