Flying Cars Concept Of Possible System Traffic and Air-Space Signals

In case we get to drive the flying cars, what could be the possible traffic and air-space signals that could be encountered. Here is a list of images chewing on the concept and the practical on-system signals that might met in future.

Air-Space Signals sign concepts

Flying Car Concept Air-Traffic Sign

While you are smartly riding your car in somewhat cloudy zone you perceived to be not a danger and taking on your batman style you dash in your car but suddenly you get this sign indicating the possibility of being caught in a bad stormy weather where there is also a lot of thunder. This is actually a thriller-imaginary scene.
Thunder-zone flying car concept or may this sign indicating nimbus or nebulous clouds. Low-visibility spurred due to these agents of weather will appear to you like this on your aero-system screen. Of course the beeps aren’t there to make you perspire and get worried but are always very well-in-time signal for you to decide to take another route.
cloudy weather low visibility flying cartraffic

And supposing you are very new pilot-driver who is super-excited to take the personal car to all directions possible and suddenly you find on your this sign that will warn you before you actuall enter into a forbidden air-zone.
aeroplane flying area forbidden airspace flying car traffic rule

You, being a careful driver-pilot take on another route. But still your adventure-spree lurks on and you decide to follow another route down -south because you always marveled to travel through those lovely green hills there. But this is the first time you are going and you are super-excited. So, you pull on your flyer car at high power and progressing at the speed of 80 miles per hour and suddenly a you just have a glimpse of those lofty hills , you get a beep on your system with a warning signal to raise the level of your vehicle and be careful as there are mountains ahead. ‘What an intelligent system’ mumbles your mind but…. there is actually no time to wonder ! This is the twin couple of man and machine out on adventure. So you have this blinking sign…
mountain range ahead flying car conceptYou spend your whole afternoon wandering in this area. So, its dusk time and it starts getting a little misty. Your system gives an alert of mist area. And this is the point you make the correct choice to turn back north but you can make out the horizon is filled with clouds.
low visibilty mist flying car signsAs you check out there is enough fuel in your tank to let you make up at the nearest landing zone, the beast of adventure makes you decide to drive far-north. As your car is speeding up in cool airs, you find the same weather conditions as in morning and now it snowing too, just a little in front. Oh la! Your system is beeping with the snowfall signal and caution makes you change your route till you reach a safe landing area.
snowfall weather danger sign flying car

But as you going along, you never knew a trail of migratory birds is on the way from the route where you need to cross. With the specialized bird zone detection installed in your car, you have a beep again. Its still dusk time and you can afford to wait a little. So you decide to let this flock move in front of your vehicle which is hovering in the air.
bird hit emergencyNever had you seen so closely the migratory birds in their flight, but still the dark part of time is arriving, you decide to move on fast to the nearest city. Just as you are nearing the tall buildings and scrapers of the city, the system again starts beeping. Why this time? Alas! The fuel in your tank has finished. In fact you had been warned about this prior to this but you hasn’t noticed because you were so busy and marveling that flock of geese. So what is the signal on the beep. Its here…
emergency car parachute flying carAnd you find your car is now floating on an open parachute system. Not only this there occurs another beep. This time it is being accompanied by opening of a basket atop you from where lands a parachute into your lap. You get the instructions to wear the parachute in case you find trouble.emergency parachute safe landing flying carBut what is this, there is still some teeny-weeny amount of fuel left in the fuel tank and the full-automation mode has taken over. The car is slowly gliding in the chute-mode. And you find that you are landed on the ground rather safely, not with any strong, disturbing thuds. And the parachute is now detached and your car in moving into the parking zone. Oh What a Day!parking landing flying car signal

But next time you would sure avoid a rainfall area where you will be getting chirpy beeps by your loyal and friendly aero-system. ainy weather danger sign flying car
But you won’t mind turning towards east then where you know there are volcanic hills. Adventurous as you are, you are not going to stop to see the lava in live action and fly over the volcano. You are relaxed as your car is more than worried for you to give you a volcano signal with its peculiar beep that always accompanies that you come to know, the system is saying something to you….volcano danger flying car concept traffic signsSo happy riding to you in your friendly next -generation flying roadable adventure car that is also immensely smart and caring.

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