Germany Start Up To Make Most Advanced Flying Car By 2018

A VTOL Flying Car By Group Of Experts From Munich University

Lilium Aviations that had been set up by a team of four brilliant aviation engineers having their academic roots in the Technical University of Munich, Germany, claims to have come up with a flying car capable of vertical landing and take-off. Lilium has designed a car which can be flown after a learning session of just 20 hours. The vehicle has been categorized as a Light Airborne Sportcraft vehicle that can fly upto 3 kms from ground level.

The team has built up a mode that can fly at a speed of 250 mph (400 kms/hr) and a maximum take-off weight of 600 kg. Meanwhile it is being upgraded to get a range of about 300 miles capable of vertical take-off from a 50 ft* 50 ft  square space. this is being claimed to be the most advanced flying car been designed so far. And even more exciting is the fact that this is going to out in the market in the year 2018. Yes! just in about 2 years from now. The company officials feel that this will revolutionize the world of airplanes. Daniel Wiegand the CEO of Lilium is super-excited about the vertical takeoff and landing car being designed as it would reduce the need for special landing infrastructure for airplanes and save cost and pave way for new future of air journey. Weigand also disclosed the flying machine would be equipped with electrical engines that would make it noiseless and suitable for urban commuting.

The Discovery News has described the vehicle’s electric engine as a feature making it excellent for commuting in urban and suburban settings. This latest and technically most advanced version of flying car features a auto-pilot driven computer system. Thus a training of only 20 hours would suffice for being able to fly this novel flying car.

The Company’s technical team wishes to make this Lilium flying car model to be used for emergency services and is working onto this. Let us wish the dream of a useful flying car with some marvelling features comes up in 2018…!

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