LILIUM JET Flying Car To Launch Soon

Science Fiction has totally transformed our ideologies. It has given us the liberty to dream wild with open eyes. One such idea or dream that took shape is about flying cars. Well, movies and stuff has hyped this concept so much that one greatly wishes to see it coming to reality.


Fans are dreaming of a ground vehicle that would turn into flying mode with just a switch. No doubt, technology has achieved way beyond its commitments but in this sphere we seem to be far behind the realization of dream that has been promised.

But not so far though, that little steps cannot be taken. Well, our journey towards that destination has already begun. A recent flight test speaks for the truth of this matter.

Germany has initiated its move towards it and last week it made a flight car test of its battery powered Lilium Jet. The success of this flight promises great revolution in coming future.

As per reports of Wired, “Lilium hasn’t yet perfected the tech behind the plane or the battery and there are still years of testing ahead. But this flying machine really works, as you can see in the video below.”

One of the advantages of the Lilium Jet is that it can take off vertically and still handle like a plane in the air.

And obviously every device will come with its set of setbacks also. And Liilium’s setback is that it has room only for 5 people at once.

This is one major issue because only a single drive of it would incur a high cost and that means to make it feasible it should be carrying maximum number of people.

So, company realizes this issue and is working on it and the other issue with the engine also. It is trying to design a battery that can power the plane at a high speed for an extended distance. But some of its competitors and those involved in this industry does not comply with this. According to them, this problem cannot be solved with battery powered engines.

Currently, the company has set its goal at 190mph.

Lilium is not the only company exploring the concept of flying cars. There are many other companies in the market that are doing exceptionally well like- Elon Musk, Airbus, Aeromobil.

But no worries about it, since it is one healthy competition that is going to be proved fruitful only.

LILIUM JET Flying Car Concept

The reason being, each one of them would be trying to come up with something exceptionally good to overtake the others and in their attempt to do so they are sure to explore some incredible ideas. In this R&D one is certain to expect good results from at least one of the competitors. Someone’s theory would definitely work and soon we will be gifted with a running model of flying car by any one of them. This is all we expect for now, let us just hope some positive light shows up in this arena.

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