A New Approach To Flying Cars Needed: Dezso Molner

In a spectacular interview session with Gizmag, the rock-star cum rocket scientist who is an inventor by spirit, Deszo Molnar, spoke in a rebellious tone about the perceived concept of flying cars. Molnar provided a whiff of fresh air when he interestingly commented that the phenomenon called flying car is not meant for everyone. Only people with a gist to fly on and having an independent and adventurous spirit are the real people who deserve to own a flying car.

Flying Car Approach Dezso Molner

He further said because of unrealistic fears, the worst kind of safety and engineering standards have been propped up by the flying car industry makers which is actually wreaking havoc in letting a viable product to come up in the field. Molnar felt that a drastically engineered hog constantly being upgraded for the comfort of customers that don’t even practically exist is certainly not a good idea if we really wish to use and bring in the flying car. Such kind of whimsical engineering overtactics have led to the stupendous idea of the flying car to be actually ‘a non-realizable dream’ to most of the people. But this is actually not true. Many of the companies working on the concept have developed cars that can fly safely, effectively and the way they are meant to. In fact, the flying cars have been around us now from as long as 100 years now. Molnar felt the idea of building a VTOL and a multi-seater is not the right thing to be done in a scenario where even on Sundays, you don’t find many roadable cars carrying more than two people. People are happy to drive alone, or dodge in sportscars, twist-turn and have an adventure-spree on lone vehicles. In fact, many among us want to experiment with motorbikes and sportscars and certainly a single-seater lightweight flying car would be the first thing to ask for such spirited people.

Launch Of A Flying Car Race By Molnar

It is interesting to note that getting stuck in Los Angles prompted Gezso to start with the gyrocycle project which he feels is the best combination of a road vehicle and an aircraft machine. Gezso said that a flying car is actually the in-thing provided the intelligent fabricators who have developed so many excellent versions of these amazing vehicles don’t convert these to dumb vehicles in the name of upgradation to get bigger market. He really felt, a flying car is not for everybody, however bitter it might be sound to a few. It is worth noting that constant concerns on higher safety standards for all has been the limiting factor to put these amazing flycrafts in use. For bringing the already existing flying car models into the spotlight, Molnar has decided to launch a Flying Car Race very soon in a mega event. According to Dezso, everyone should come to know, these vehicles are good for ground and they are good to fly at the same time- a very lucrative and great reason to have one actually.

Need Of A Flying Car

With the traffic becoming increasingly congested day-by-day, the flying car is the best option to be used. You can drive it to the nearest airport and take over to the flying mode. Also, if you are at an airport where the weather is bad and not suitable for air-travel but reaching your destination is really important, you just road-off on your roadable aircarft to another airport with viable weather conditions that allow you to take-off to your business destination.Although landing in stormy weather between airports can become a bit of concern for small aircrafts but with suitable modification, flying cars can land down on roads but only if this becomes legal and not a matter of miraculous news for the media and police who rush to collect urine samples and such stuff that makes pilots alarmed.

And as far as the idea of certain group of people chuckling away and laughing on the idea of flying cars, the only thing to remember, Molnar felt was that evolution to advancement need not be scoffed at. In fact, this should be welcome idea that a vehicle can fly as well as get driven on the road just like birds and creatures that can adapt living from one kind of habitat and environment to another one.

Source – Gizmag

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