PAl-V Flying Car Gets Patent In India

PAl -V- the three wheeled flying Personal Aviation And Landing Vehicle received a patent in India recently. The flyable car has been developed by a Netherlands Company PAL -V Europe NV received its awaited patent for India. This is not a vertical take-off vehicle so it needs to driven on rod to the nearest port before it can actually take to the skies. The maximum speed reached on land is 170 km/hr and can reach upto 100 km/hr in a decent time duration of 10 seconds with average fuel consumption of 1 liter for every 12 km. In air, the vehicle reaches a maximum speed of 180 km/hr and requires 28 liter of fuel for every hour in flight. The company now aims to launch the two-seater flying vehicle in to commercial sale in Europe in the current year or 2017 for a price of 5,00,000 Euros. The flying vehicle had been tested successfully as early as 2012.

Estimating on the actual availability of flying cars, let us review some the facts. The idea of flying cars has been portrayed so many times in fiction including Harry Potter Movies, Blade Runner and so on and so forth. However, it was Glen Curtiss who had actually envisioned building a flying car and even got his idea patented back in 1917. Since then, innumerable attempts and ideas to create a flying car have been going on but there always had been technological limitations to actually developing a flying car.

An Indian Engineer AK Vishwanath had also announced his plans for developing a flying car based on 26 different flying insect species nearly two years ago. The car is deemed to have wings that can be attached to any car to enable them to fly. There have been numerous attempts to develop and test fly developed models specially in the last decade. The notable company Aeromobil‘s vehicle that test-crashed during its test flight is still up-way on upgradation and the new version can be expected soon. But, we should not expect real flying cars too soon now. It would predictably take another 20-30 years, may be, to bring up actual flying cars into the real scenario. So, being hopeful and rested are the keys to see this dream turning to reality.

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