Toyota Working On Flying Car: Patent Confirms

Toyota has recently filed a patent  US20150246720 for an aerocar and it seems the company is high on with its ambitions to develop a flying car on a pioneer basis. The patent states that the aerocar is equipped with the morphable stackable wings atop the aerocar.

The flying car concept no longer seems limited to fiction series movies now as many companies are coming up with their models on flying cars which are being successfully tested. In fact, now we have flyable vehicles being developed for military purposes. There have been reports of development o ‘The Mule’ and ‘X- Hawk’ by an Israeli company while there were also reports wherein US soldiers would now be equipped with a flying car that could cover 250 miles in one full tank.

Rescue Flying Car Concept

The flying cars for rescue and military operations could enable soldiers to avoid conventional and unconventional threats like IEDs, road obstructions and situations where helicopters would not be as useful.

Although  the arrival of flying cars has been much-awaited and  a particularly hard-to realize dream so far, chances of a commercial launch of flying car can soon become a reality, anytime down the line.

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