Uber’s Flying-Car Project Seeing Progress – NASA Engineer Hired

Uber, one of the best ride sharing app of our time is making great progress in all arenas. Apart from its cab services, the company is onto something totally different of its sphere called ‘Flying Cars’.

Uber’s Flying-Car Project Seeing Progress

Uber has been working on a flying car project for a long time. They are soon expected to come with productive results. For that, Uber has hired Mark Moore, a longtime NASA engineer to work on the same. The reports have been confirmed by the eminent, Bloomberg Technologies.

Moore will be working on the project as the director of engineering for aviation and will help develop the Uber Elevate initiative. This long sought project is about providing cab services in the air. It has sought to use “air taxis” to help people commute between “vertiports” located at a distance of 50 miles to 100 miles from each other i.e. 80 to 100 kilometers as reported by, Bloomberg Technology on Monday.

Moore has spent 30 years of his life working at NASA. He had been doing research in aviation, automobile since long. His deep study into vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) craft such as the electric Puffin concept vehicle and many others inspired the co-founder of Google, Larry Page to take an initiative in this direction. Based on the results of Moore’s studies, he started with two flying-car companies, named- Zee.aero and Kitty Hawk.

The project shows great prospects of success and we probably are not too far from,”Jetsons”-esque future. At least Moore is quite positive for the same.

In his talk with Bloomberg Technology he said that he expects several others taking interest in the realm and in coming two three years we would see different flying cars come online. These vehicles if successfully created will need human pilots to be run.

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