Flying Car Video: Concept, Real And Experiments

Each one of us has imagined about a flying car somewhere in life, at least once. The flying car has been objectified in various sci-fi movies with robotic cars flying between skyscrapers. In Harry Potter series we have seen Harry using flying cars. But if this were for real, are we ready to accept cars that are flying, in near future? Not only this, it would require many new navigation rules and routes to be underlined. Whatever happens in future, we have many companies that have been working on the project, of late and here are some of the videos sharing latest concepts conceived by Mobile giants for actually developing flying cars.

Flying Car Concept Videos:

Flying Car Concept 1: AeroMobil 3.0

A two-seater Slovakian built roadable aircraft that uses Rotax 912 engine and a claimed range of 435 miles. Aeromobil had its successful maiden flight in 2013 following which it was unveiled at the Pioneer’s Festival in Vienna in October, 2014. The Company plans to launch it commercially by the year 2017.

Flying Car Concept 2: PAL-V

PAL-V flying car can have maximum capacity of 2 people. The car require a minimum speed of 31 mph and a 540 Feet long runway to take off, while just 100 Feet long runway is needed for landing.

Flying Car Concept 3: Skyrunner

A unique flying vehicle which uses parachute-powered flight instead of fixed wing take-off used in the road crafts. It made its debut in the Fort Lauderdale International Festival in Hollywood and is equipped with a 1.0-litre Ford fiesta EcoBoost engine that provides thrust to achieve powered parachute flight. The car costs from $119,000.

Flying Car Concept 4: The Hover Car

The Volkswagen People’s car project involves the use of concept of electromagnetic strips on roads which can help hover car vehicle to fly and also move with great speed due to reduced friction in a very energy-efficient manner. Although a good concept but its realisation would require nothing less than a revolution in road construction.

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