Volkswagen Flying Cars Concept: Hover Car

‘Hover car‘ is one of the three ‘People’s Car‘ projects that had been taken up by Volkswagen. The other two being ‘Music car’ and ‘Smart key’.The company tried to woo the Chinese population with the ‘Hover car‘ concept. Volkswagen recklessly wanted to involve the Chinese customer population to build a hover car in accordance with their design preferences, needs and requirements.

The Hover car, designed by Volkswagen, flies about a foot above the ground and looks like a doughnut. Conceptually, the Hover car would be energy-efficient because of lack of friction. However, it can actually hover only on roads with electromagnetic strips. But the company never cared for this and continued with its work on the concept. Moreover, they want to design a car that would be self-driven and move on a pre-determined path.

hover car concept

Ford had also designed ‘Glideair’ which could glide on a 3/1000 of an inch above  road surface in 1958. A year later ‘Leva car‘ was designed that had a blower at the back to propel it. The model was technically a success. In 1961 an ACV (air-cushion vehicle) AeroMobile 35B was designed by William Bertelson. It was expected to revolutionise transportation by hovering vehicles that could speed upto 1500 miles per hour.

The truth is, the ‘Hover car’ remains a concept. The future will tell us whether it would actually work and turn the dream of transportation by a wheelless flying car into a reality.

Music Car

The ‘Music Car’ was the second concept of People’s Car project of the company. A Music Car is a car that can change its colour with the change in music played inside the car.

Smart Key

The third concept of the project was ‘Smart Key’ and it involved the use of smartphone to start a car and monitor it. In other words a smartphone that acts as a key to the car functions.

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